Dia dos Namorados: 10 canções para dedicar


Quer estejas a planear algo especial com o teu namorado(a) ou um jantar com as amigas, aqui vão algumas ideias.

James Blake - "Where's the Catch?"

Frase mais romântica: "We delay the show, we kiss so long / We breathe through the nose 'til the breath is gone / And everything slows, everything's rose now"

Coldplay - "Yellow"

Frase mais romântica: "Look at the stars / Look how they shine for you / And everything you do / Yeah they were all yellow"

Paramore - "Still Into you"

Frase mais romântica: "Some things just, some things just make sense / And one of those is you and I"

Mac Miller e Ariana Grande - "My favorite part"

Frase mais romântica: "Said, you know I know who you really are, ain't need to lie / Said, the universe couldn't keep us apart / Why would it even try?"

Mario - "Let me Love You"

Frase mais romântica: "You should let me love you/ Let me be the one to/Give you everything you want and need/Good love and protection/Make me your selection/Show you the way love's supposed to be"

Little Mix & Jason Derulo - "Secret Love Song"

Frase mais romântica: "When you hold me in the street and you kiss me on the dance floor / I wish that it could be like that / Why can't it be like that / 'Cause I'm yours"

Selena Gomez  - "Love you like a love song"

Frase mais romântica: "No one compares / You stand alone, to every record I own / Music to my heart that's what you are"

"Thinkin' Bout You" - Frank Ocean

Frase mais romântica: "Yes, of course / I remember, how could I forget? / How you feel / And though you were my first time / A new feel / It won't ever get old, not in my soul / Not in my spirit, keep it alive / We'll go down this road / 'Til it turns from color to black and white."

"Something" - The Beatles

Frase mais romântica: "Something in the way she moves / Attracts me like no other lover / Something in the way she woos me / I don't want to leave her now."

"Your Song" - Elton John

Frase mais romântica: "I hope you don't mind / That I put down in words / How wonderful life is while you're in the world."

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